E.g., 08/10/2020
E.g., 08/10/2020

Data and Analysis Related to Trump Administration Actions on Immigrant and Refugee Policy

Data and Analysis Related to Trump Administration Actions on Immigrant and Refugee Policy

Since entering office, the Trump administration has proposed or implemented policies on a wide range of immigration issues, touching on everything from asylum to deportation policy, refugee resettlement, and admissions from certain majority-Muslim countries. These MPI research and data resources offer context to policy changes achieved and proposed, as well as the populations they affect.

For a record of immigration developments since the Trump administration began, check out this resource: Dismantling and Reconstructing the U.S. Immigration System: A Catalog of Changes under the Trump Presidency.

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REPORT: Dismantling and Reconstructing the U.S. Immigration System: A Catalog of Changes under the Trump Presidency

ARTICLE: Impending USCIS Furloughs Will Contribute to a Historic Drop in U.S. Immigration Levels

COMMENTARY: Millions of U.S. Citizens Could Be Excluded under Trump Plan to Remove Unauthorized Immigrants from Census Data

COMMENTARY: USCIS Budget Implosion Owes to Far More than the Pandemic

REPORT: Immigration and U.S. National Security: The State of Play Since 9/11

COMMENTARY: USCIS Fee Increase Proposed Rule Could Represent the Latest Step in Reshaping Immigration to United States

ARTICLE: Crisis in the Courts: Is the Backlogged U.S. Immigration Court System at Its Breaking Point?

REPORT: Immigration-Related Policy Changes in the First Two Years of the Trump Administration

REPORT: Eight Key U.S. Immigration Policy Issues: State of Play and Unanswered Questions

ARTICLE: Despite Flurry of Actions, Trump Administration Faces Constraints in Achieving Its Immigration Agenda

ARTICLE: Executive Power Showdown: Congress and White House Quarrel over Immigration Spending

ARTICLE: Sessions: The Trump Administration’s Once-Indispensable Man on Immigration

ARTICLE: Census Citizenship Question Triggers Legal and Political Fallout

REPORT: U.S. Immigration Policy under Trump: Deep Changes and Lasting Impacts

COMMENTARY: The Trump Immigration Plan: A Lopsided Proposal

REPORT: Trump's First Year on Immigration Policy: Rhetoric vs. Reality

REPORT: In the Age of Trump: Populist Backlash and Progressive Resistance Create Divergent State Immigrant Integration Contexts

ARTICLE: Tens of Thousands in United States Face Uncertain Future, as Temporary Protected Status Deadlines Loom

ARTICLE: Interlocking Set of Trump Administration Policies at the U.S.-Mexico Border Bars Virtually All from Asylum

ARTICLE: Supreme Court Asylum Ruling Latest Sign Judiciary Is Not the Brake on the Trump Administration that Immigration-Rights Activists Sought

REPORT: From Control to Crisis: Changing Trends and Policies Reshaping U.S.-Mexico Border Enforcement

COMMENTARY: Strategic Solutions for the United States and Mexico to Manage the Migration Crisis

COMMENTARY: International Experience Suggests Safe Third-Country Agreement Would Not Solve the U.S.-Mexico Border Crisis

COMMENTARY: Policy Solutions to Address Crisis at Border Exist, But Require Will and Staying Power to Execute

ARTICLE: Remain in Mexico Plan Echoes Earlier U.S. Policy to Deter Haitian Migration

ARTICLE: Trump Administration’s Unprecedented Actions on Asylum at the Southern Border Hit Legal Roadblock

COMMENTARY: Asylum Reform, Not Troops, Is the Solution to Current Border Reality

ARTICLE: Trump Administration’s New Indefinite Family Detention Policy: Deterrence Not Guaranteed

REPORT: The U.S. Asylum System in Crisis: Charting a Way Forward

COMMENTARY: Far from a Retreat, the Trump Administration’s Border Policies Advance its Enforcement Aims

ARTICLE: Family Separation and “Zero-Tolerance” Policies Rolled Out to Stem Unwanted Migrants, But May Face Challenges

ARTICLE: National Guard Heads to Southern Border Amid Differing Reality from Earlier Deployments

POLICY BRIEF: Trump Executive Order and DHS Implementation Memo on Border Enforcement: A Brief Review

ARTICLE: Borders and Walls: Do Barriers Deter Unauthorized Migration?

ARTICLE: Mexican Immigrants in the United States

ARTICLE: Central American Immigrants in the United States