E.g., 06/27/2024
E.g., 06/27/2024
The Integration Needs of Mobile EU Citizens: Impediments and Opportunities

The right to free movement granted to all European Union citizens represents a unique experiment in the contemporary history of global migration systems. To date, however, the integration of mobile EU citizens as a specific target group has not been widely discussed, either at EU or national levels, and EU-level integration policies focus on the integration of legally residing third-country nationals. This MPI Europe report investigates the broad range of integration needs that exist in Europe and the role different actors can play in meeting them.

Despite the lack of attention directed at the specific needs of EU citizens residing in other Member States, the report finds that mobile EU citizens have access to a number of integration programs and underscores ample opportunities for the EU and Member States to extend their support of these programs. In addition, the report offers a series of conclusions and recommendations, among them: that the EU and Member States rigorously enforce free movement rights; that EU citizens be included in orientation and language programs; that funding be increased for integration initiatives directed at EU citizens; that the EU support deeper research on mobile EU citizens and their needs; that policymakers recognize the importance of local and regional authorities; that policymakers strive to implement a coherent policy approach to vulnerable populations; that governments engage public and private employers in the integration of EU citizens; and that the EU consider developing a quality charter for all EU citizens residing outside their country of citizenship.

Table of Contents 

I. Introduction

II. The Rights of EU Citizens

III. The Needs of EU Citizens

IV. The Role of Other Actors

V. Conclusions and Recommendations