E.g., 09/30/2023
E.g., 09/30/2023
Restoring Trust in the Management of Migration and Borders (Transatlantic Council Statement)
December 2011

Restoring Trust in the Management of Migration and Borders (Transatlantic Council Statement)

This Council Statement drawn from the fifth plenary meeting of the Transatlantic Council on Migration captures key elements of discussions on the best ways to bring greater order and legality to migration, border management, and labor market systems through transatlantic cooperation. The Council Statement identifies policies and programs needed to thwart unwanted migration, facilitate the movement of legitimate immigrants and travelers, and restore public trust in governments’ ability to manage these complex tasks.

Governments should first develop an honest and well-nuanced immigration narrative that sets realistic goals, outlines concrete actions, and clearly articulates why immigration is in the national interest. To address illegal flows, the Council Statement argues that effective enforcement is necessary, but not sufficient on its own; it recommends, instead, a more holistic policy approach that considers the underlying socioeconomic factors that encourage illegal flows and addresses the problem of existing irregular resident populations. The document also includes guidance on designing and using a new border architecture, stressing the importance of weighing the benefits of emerging technologies against their limitations and costs. Finally, it lays the groundwork for a path to improving transatlantic cooperation between the European Union and the United States by calling for a standardized negotiation process, commitment to open dialogue, and mutual understanding of stakeholder interests.

Table of Contents 


I. Creating the Political Space Necessary for Reforms

II. Reducing Illegal Immigration

III. Building a New Architecture for Border Management

IV. Improving Transatlantic Cooperation on Common Challenges

V. Conclusions