E.g., 03/05/2024
E.g., 03/05/2024
Irregular Migration in Europe

European governments are collaborating extensively on the management of their external borders, as this report details, discussing the detected and estimated scope of irregular migration in the European Union, as policymakers are under increasing pressure to address both the flows and stocks of unauthorized migrants.

Within EU Member States, national governments define, identify, and respond to irregular migration in very different ways, as this Transatlantic Council on Migration report details. With the removal of internal borders within the Schengen area, European governments have been collaborating intensively on the management of their external borders, with the support of EU institutions, particularly Frontex.

Table of Contents 

I. Introduction

II. Pathways Into Irregularity and Terminology

III. Estimated and Detected Scope

A. Estimated Scope

B. Detected Scope

IV. Conclusion