E.g., 11/30/2023
E.g., 11/30/2023
Source Special Issue Library

Source Special Issue Library

Special Issue: Climate Change and Migration
Climate change promises to profoundly impact all aspects of human society. This special issue examines how the effects of environmental change are shaping migration across the globe, now and in the future.

Special Issue: Regional Migration Perspectives: Trends, Patterns, and Policies in Central America, Mexico, and the U.S.
This special issue focuses on the topic of migration in the United States, Mexico, and the Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras). The special issue delves into a wide range of migration developments in this dynamic, interconnected region.

Special Issue: Migration in the Modern Chinese World
The special issue examines a wide range of migration developments regarding China, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese: including rural-to-urban migration in China, the circulatory migration of ethnic Chinese in the Asia-Pacific region, the integration of ethnic Chinese in South African society, and demographic profiles of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants in the United States.

Special Issue: Migration and Development
Interest in migration and development has exploded since the Migration Information Source published its first special issue on migration and development in 2003. This issue provides an updated look at this topic, from Mexico's experience to remittances in India to the link between temporary worker programs and development. It also examines hometown associations, U.S. health-care workers, and migration issues in Ecuador.

Special Issue: The Second Generation
Adult children of immigrants to the United States matter greatly to the country's future. This special issue, which includes a look back at the children of the last great wave of immigrants, examines trends among the new second generation, models of integration, and methods for learning more about this dynamic group.

Special Issue: Central America
Millions of Central Americans live and work in North America. This special issue looks at what caused the migration flows to El Norte and the impacts of Central American migration on both home and host societies.

Special Issue: The Unauthorized
Illegal immigration, a hot political issue in many countries, continues to frustrate governments and their people. This special issue explores policy options and data relevant to the debate.

Special Issue: Migration and Human Rights
Migration and migrants are increasingly the focus of human-rights discussions. Yet, the gap between policy and protection remains wide. This special issue explores the emergence of this poorly understood area.

Special Issue: Africa
African migration increasingly has global implications. This special issue explores the crisis in Darfur, Sudan; new African migration patterns and the solutions that African countries have developed in the areas of refugees and humanitarian aid; and post-conflict reconstruction in Liberia. It also includes profiles of Lesotho, Mali, and Botswana, as well as data on African immigrants in the United States.

Special Issue: The Rifts and Challenges of U.S.-Mexico Migration
U.S.-Mexico migration relations were all but frozen until President Bush proposed a temporary worker program. This special issue exposes the rifts and challenges that will shape the future of the U.S.-Mexico dialogue. These resources and articles by seasoned analysts tackle some of the thorniest issues that continue to make progress in this area painstakingly slow, politically perilous, and socially complex for both governments.

Special Issue: Integration and Immigrants
Globally, immigrant and refugee integration takes on many expressions and meanings. This issue explores several facets of the debate.

Special Issue: Migration and Development
Migration is often viewed as both a cause and a consequence of economic development. The Migration Information Source celebrates its first year with an in-depth look at migration's uncertain relationship to development.

Special Issue: Women and Migration
Our first special issue is dedicated to understanding the complex relationship between migration and gender. As one of our contributors writes, the migration of women "has raised both prospects and pains." This issue takes a closer look at both sides of the migration coin for women.