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About the Migration Information Source

About the Migration Information Source

The Migration Information Source provides fresh thought, authoritative data, and global analysis of international migration and refugee trends. A unique online resource, the Source offers useful tools, vital data, and essential facts on the movement of people worldwide.

Working with a team of international correspondents, the Source chronicles global migration movements, provides perspectives on current migration debates, and offers the tools and data from numerous global organizations and governments needed to understand migration. The Source does this in a way that is accessible to researchers, policymakers, journalists, and general publics interested in migration.

The migration scholars who contribute to the Source include some of the most respected and prominent voices in the migration and refugee fields. The Source also relies on the goodwill of several global organizations and governments who make their data and research publicly available.

The Migration Information Source is a project of the Migration Policy Institute.

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Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise indicated, all information contained on the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and the Migration Information Source websites is copyrighted and proprietary to the Migration Policy Institute. Please visit the Copyright Policy page for more information on how to obtain permission for certain uses and cite Source materials.


Submissions Policy

Thank you for your interest in submitting material to the Migration Information Source. We will consider publishing unsolicited manuscripts, and welcome proposals for articles. Before proceeding further, however, please read our complete Submissions Guidelines.



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