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Immigration and U.S. Economic Competitiveness: A View from the Midwest
February 28, 2013

National Press Club, Washington, DC

Immigration and U.S. Economic Competitiveness: A View from the Midwest

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Welcome and Introductions
Marshall M. Bouton, President, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs; and John Rowe, Chairman Emeritus, Exelon Corporation

Panel 1: What the Midwest Needs from Immigration Reform
Joe Loughrey, Former President and COO, Cummins, Inc.; Doris Meissner, Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute; former Commissioner, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); Michael Rounds, Former Governor of South Dakota; and Samuel C. Scott III, Former Chief Executive Officer, Corn Products International, Inc.; Chairman, Chicago Sister Cities International Program

Panel 2: Highlights of Local Integration Initiatives
Mike Fernandez, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Cargill; Clare Muñana, President, Ancora Associates, Inc.; Joe Reagan, President and CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association; and Tamar Jacoby, President and CEO, ImmigrationWorks USA

Luncheon Remarks
Richard M. Daley, Former Mayor, City of Chicago; Chet Culver, Former Governor of Iowa; and Carole Segal, Cofounder, Crate & Barrel

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs released a task force report urging immigration reform to ensure regional and national economic competitiveness. Task force cochairs, a diverse and bipartisan group of Midwestern business and civic leaders convened by the Council, participated in an immigration summit in Washington, D.C. where the report was released. The task force report, U.S. Economic Competitiveness at Risk: A Midwest Call to Action on Immigration Reform, highlights the role of immigration in ensuring the Midwest’s future competitiveness. It caps a 15-month initiative that also included a series of “Immigration Forums” that were held in seven cities across the Midwest and a website, MidwestImmigration.org, to enhance public understanding of immigration and its importance to the region.

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