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How Can Europe Address Its Labor Market Needs at a Time of Upheaval?
April 28, 2022

MPI Webinar

How Can Europe Address Its Labor Market Needs at a Time of Upheaval?

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How Can Europe Address Its Labor Market Needs at a Time of Upheaval?


Luca Barani, Policy Officer, Integration, Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission

Robert Plummer, Senior Adviser, Social Affairs Department, Business Europe

Marcin Wiatrów, Deputy Director, Labour Market Department, Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Poland

Uwe Wusterhausen, Division for Immigration Law and Humanitarian Admission, German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community


Kate Hooper, Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute (MPI)

Six years on from the 2015-16 migration crisis, Europe faces another inflection point on immigration. Employers are reporting worker shortages at all skill levels across sectors, fueling calls for policymakers to revisit immigration policies to help address some of these needs, including through partnerships with countries of origin. However, Europe faces growing competition from other immigration destinations in attracting and retaining foreign workers with in-demand skills.

The arrival of more than 5 million Ukrainian evacuees since late February may present an opportunity for Europe to mitigate some of these labor shortages. But unlocking new arrivals’ human capital and helping them enter the labor market will take time and deep investments in skills recognition, job matching, and (re)training opportunities.

This webinar, held as the European Union unveiled its new skills and talent package, explores how Europe can address its labor market needs at a time of great upheaval, and the role that immigration and immigrant integration policy can play in helping to propel Europe’s economic recovery, and opportunities for deeper coordination.

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