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E.g., 06/03/2023
Preparing Newcomers for the Jobs of Today and the Labor Markets of Tomorrow
October 3, 2018

MPI Europe Webinar 

Preparing Newcomers for the Jobs of Today and the Labor Markets of Tomorrow

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Preparing Newcomers for the Jobs of Today and the Labor Markets of Tomorrow


Wolfgang Mueller, Managing Director, European Affairs, Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Service), Germany

Meghan Benton, Senior Policy Analyst; Assistant Director for Research, International Programme, Migration Policy Institute

Ben Mason, Researcher and Project Lead, betterplace lab


Liam Patuzzi, Research Officer, Entwicklungsgesellschaft für berufliche Bildung (EBB)

Getting recently arrived immigrants and refugees into work has long been considered the lynchpin of successful integration, with the legitimacy of migration and asylum systems often linked to positive economic outcomes. Spurred in part by the European migration crisis, significant social innovations and public-sector investments have focused on assessing newcomers’ existing skills, matching them with available jobs, and providing training to those in need. But with labour markets increasingly characterized by technological disruption and the flexible but precarious "gig economy," this model risks being severely upended.

This Migration Policy Institute Europe webinar marked the release of two publications produced in the framework of its Integration Futures Working Group. Jobs in 2028: How Will Changing Labor Markets Affect Immigrant Integration in Europe? examines possible scenarios for how social, economic, and technological trends could affect jobs, labor market policy, education and social policies, and migrant integration. The second report, Tech Jobs for Refugees: Assessing the Potential of Coding Schools for Refugee Integration in Germany, explores the potential of coding schools for refugees to help alleviate skills shortages and provide a pathway to work—for more than only a high-skilled minority. Experts on this webinar discussed key questions: How can governments equip newcomers—and indeed citizens—with the skills to thrive in the job markets of the future? How can governments prepare public services and contribution-based benefit schemes for a changing world of work? And for those unable to find work, what are the alternative ways that newcomers can meaningfully and measurably contribute to society?

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