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Post date: Wed, 11 May 2022 09:08:43 -0400

WASHINGTON — Two-generation programs that work both with parents and children in immigrant-led households hold the potential to uplift whole families and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, typically by weaving together high-quality early learning opportunities for children with adult education, workforce training, parenting skills and other supports for adults that can increase family stability.

Post date: Tue, 10 May 2022 23:35:47 -0400

WASHINGTON — In recognition of their accomplishments in the immigration policymaking field and their exemplary service to society, Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Directors Doris Meissner and Margie McHugh will receive the 2022 Ellis Island Medal of Honor during a ceremony hosted Saturday by the Ellis Island Honors Society. During the ceremony, McHugh also will accept the Medal of Honor that her late husband, MPI founding President Demetrios G.

Post date: Mon, 09 May 2022 16:24:59 -0400

GENEVA and WASHINGTON — As COVID-19-related travel restrictions—more than 100,000 as of the end of 2021—continue to inhibit cross-border mobility, a new report identifies the trends, challenges and opportunities for governments, international organizations and other stakeholders to create a stronger global architecture on mobility and health. Doing so would both help safely restore travel and migration to pre-pandemic levels and better prepare countries for future public health crises.

Post date: Mon, 02 May 2022 18:44:24 -0400

WASHINGTON — Refugees and asylum seekers are alternately depicted as heroes or security threats, victims or exceptional workers, exemplary neighbors or opportunists—sometimes all at once. Yet despite these polarized narratives, most public sentiment falls somewhere in between: People can experience pride in their country’s humanitarian response and compassion for refugees alongside anxiety over changing cultural norms or competition for jobs and resources.

Post date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 11:29:46 -0400

WASHINGTON — While the significant role that diasporas play in contributing to development in their countries of origin or ancestry is now a well-accepted part of migration and development analysis, less attention has gone to ways in which destination countries are supporting—or could support—diaspora engagement.

Post date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 20:36:01 -0400

WASHINGTON — While international movements of all types continue to recover from the pandemic-induced near-freeze experienced in 2020, governments have yet to fully tap the potential of digital health credentials to restart mobility safely and efficiently, a new Migration Policy Institute (MPI) report argues. The lack of global coordination has resulted in a fragmented landscape of digital health credentials, sometimes known as vaccine passports, that are not technically integrated or comprehensive, with some domestic credential systems closed to international travellers.

Post date: Tue, 19 Apr 2022 11:39:03 -0400

WASHINGTON — The United States is facing a record 11.3 million job vacancies, with labor shortages in the health-care sector growing more acute as pandemic-imposed pressures on doctors, nurses and other medical staff add to longstanding mismatches in the supply and demand for these workers.

Post date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 10:13:09 -0400

WASHINGTON — In recent decades, cooperation with other countries has become a central part of Australia’s immigration enforcement strategy. Seeking to deter irregular maritime migration, the Australian government has entered into a range of formal and informal bilateral cooperation arrangements on enforcement and protection issues with countries including Indonesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and the United States.

Post date: Tue, 15 Mar 2022 09:21:07 -0400

WASHINGTON — Durante la última década, la migración irregular de Guatemala a los Estados Unidos ha aumentado drasticamente. Gran parte de la migración proviene del Altiplano Occidental, una región que se encuentra entre las más pobres y rurales del país. Se estima que había 1.3 millones de inmigrantes guatemaltecos viviendo en Estados Unidos en 2020, un 44 por ciento más que en 2013, y más de la mitad de ellos vivían irregularmente en Estados Unidos.

Post date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 18:58:51 -0400

WASHINGTON — Unauthorized migration from Guatemala to the United States has risen dramatically over the past decade, much of it coming from a region that is among the poorest and most rural: the Western Highlands. An estimated 1.3 million Guatemalans were U.S. residents in 2020, up 44 percent from 2013, with more than half of them living in the United States without legal status.

Post date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 18:21:09 -0500

WASHINGTON — The European Union and its member states over the past 25 years have increasingly relied on cooperation with the Maghreb states of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to address shared transnational challenges ranging from border security to irregular migration and drug trafficking. While cooperation on counterterrorism seems to have produced results, the impact of European initiatives to reduce irregular migration flows from the region is less evident, a new report from the Migration Policy Institute’s Transatlantic Council on Migration finds.

Post date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 08:43:05 -0500

WASHINGTON — Though most schools across the United States have resumed in-person instruction, it is important to share the lessons learned and promising practices resulting from the shift to distance learning that occurred early during in the COVID-19 pandemic and later after the arrival of the Delta variant. The public health crisis and sudden move to virtual classes exposed the longstanding digital divide in terms of students‘ access to computers, high-speed internet and digital skills training.

Post date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022 10:14:18 -0500

WASHINGTON — State adult education systems, which receive significant funding from the U.S. government, are the primary source of many key integration services for adult immigrants—from English classes and adult literacy programs to civics courses and some workforce development activities. Although such programs have existed for decades, the passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in 2014 brought notable changes to adult education systems, including through its instituting of the Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) program.

Post date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 20:15:41 -0500

WASHINGTON — Over the course of his four years in the White House, Donald Trump and his administration completed 472 executive actions on immigration, with 39 more proposed but unimplemented when his term ended, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) finds in a new report that sums up one of the most active and consequential presidencies on immigration. Through these actions, which range from sweeping policies to smaller, more technical adjustments, the Trump presidency made deep, and likely lasting, changes to the U.S. immigration system.

Post date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 14:29:50 -0500

WASHINGTON — It is with profound sadness that we share word of the loss and celebrate the remarkable legacy of Migration Policy Institute President Emeritus and co-founder and MPI Europe founder Demetrios G. Papademetriou, who died Wednesday, January 26, at the age of 75.

Post date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 15:28:14 -0500

WASHINGTON — The COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest illustration of how migration management in times of systemic stress is beyond the ability of any individual state to address on its own. The adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) three years ago set out a comprehensive approach for pursuing international cooperation on migration, including the building blocks for improving governance in different areas.

Post date: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 17:51:50 -0500

WASHINGTON — In the final days of 2018, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) became the first global agreement in the field of migration governance. Yet its negotiation and adoption process gave rise to unprecedented political tensions for a United Nations agreement—ones that continue to resonate today in the European Union. EU Member States remain deeply divided on migration issues and Europeans have failed to make progress towards a common migration and asylum policy framework.

Post date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 16:50:23 -0500

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s administration is being criticized across the political spectrum for moving too slowly on immigration. Immigrant-rights activists accuse the president of delay in unraveling hard-line actions taken during Donald Trump’s presidency and conservatives are critical of what they see as inaction to rising flows at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Post date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 10:37:56 -0500

WASHINGTON — Migration Policy Institute (MPI) President Andrew Selee today announced the appointment of Essey Workie, who has extensive experience at the intersection of health and human services, immigrant communities and children’s issues, as director of the institute’s expanding Human Services Initiative. The initiative focuses on a range of policies affecting immigrant families’ access to health and human services programs.