E.g., 09/23/2023
E.g., 09/23/2023
A Profile of Immigrants in Arkansas: Changing Workforce and Family Demographics

This report, Volume 1 of a three-volume set commissioned by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation that examines the immigrant population in Arkansas, provides a demographic and socioeconomic profile of Arkansas immigrants and their children, including a description of immigrant workers in the Arkansas economy. The three volumes build upon a previous study of the Arkansas immigrant population that was published in 2007.

Research Project Summary of Findings

Table of Contents 

Executive Summary

  1. Introduction

How Has the Context for Immigrant Settlement in Arkansas 10 Changed Since 2007, When the Last Report Was Released?

  1. Methods
    1. How Is the Immigrant Population Defined and Measured?
    2. What Data Sources Are Employed in This Analysis?
  2. Findings
    1. How Do Immigration Trends in Arkansas Compare with Those in Other Southeastern States?
    2. How Are Immigrants Contributing to Population Growth and Demographic Change in Arkansas?
    3. What Are the Characteristics of Arkansas Immigrants in Terms of Their Countries of Origin, Legal Status, and Length of US Residence?
    4. Where Do Most Immigrants Live in Arkansas, and Are Their Settlement Patterns Changing?
    5. How Is Immigration Affecting Public School Enrollment in Arkansas?
    6. How Do Immigrants and Latinos Fare Economically Compared to Other Major Population Groups in Arkansas?
    7. How Are Immigrants and Latinos Faring in Terms of Health Insurance Coverage and Health Outcomes?
    8. How Many Immigrant Workers Are There and What Types of Jobs Do They Hold?
    9. How Much Do Immigrant Workers Earn and What Are Their Skill Levels?
  3. Conclusion