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Managing Integration: The European Union’s Responsibilities Towards Immigrants
October 2005

Managing Integration: The European Union’s Responsibilities Towards Immigrants

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Migration Policy Institute

Managing immigration and integration is one of the most vital and challenging tasks that the European Union is facing today. Since the Union's enlargement to include 25 members, the issue has become even more pressing.

This book analyzes approaches, strategies, and best practices from EU Member States that could contribute to a sustainable integration policy. It thus provides European, national, regional, and local decisionmakers with instruments they can draw on in establishing a European framework for integration.

Table of Contents 

Introduction: The Integration Challenge: Living Together in a Europe of Diversity
Rita Süssmuth and Werner Weidenfeld

Part I: The Conceptual and Political Approach Towards Integration: From an International to a European Code of Conduct 

The Challenge of Integration: A Global Perspective, Bimal Ghosh

Integration: Perception and Reality, Michael Bommes and Holger Kolb

A German Perspective, Dieter Oberndörfer

An Anglo-American Perspective, Anja Rudiger

A Central European Perspective, Krystyna Iglicka and Marek Okólski

A Mediterranean Perspective, Anna Terrón i Cusi

A Scandinavian Perspective, Ulf Hedetoft

A French Perspective, Catherine de Wenden

Part II: Status Quo of Integration in an Enlarged European Union: Models and Indicators for Successful Integration 

Draft Synthesis Report on Policies Concerning the Integration of Immigrants, Helene Urth

Synthesis Report on National Integration Policies, Helene Urth

Part III: Building a Framework for a Common Policy Approach

Elements for an EU Framework for Integration Policies for Immigrants, Rinus Penninx

Identification of a Framework for Common Principles, Guidelines, and Objectives for Integration, Rinus Penninx

Integration as an Integral Part of the European Societal Model, Dietrich Thränhardt

Part IV: A Concept for a Competitive Integration Policy

A Concept for a Competitive Integration Policy, The Bertelsmann Foundation

Benchmarking in Immigrant Integration, Han Entzinger and Renske Biezeveld

The Open Method of Coordination as a Political Strategy in the Field of Immigrant Integration Policy, Bernd Shulte

Civic Citizenship: A New Concept for the New Europe, Rainer Bauböck

Part V: Best Practices


Belgium, Thierry Timmermans

England, Audrey Adams and Haven Lutaaya

France, Catherine de Wenden

Germany, Katrin Uhl

Italy, Giulia Henry

The Netherlands, Ingrid Sijlbing

Poland, Krystyna Iglicka and Marek Okólski

Scotland, Sally Daghlian

Spain, Maria Helena Bedoya

Sweden, Cecilia England