E.g., 06/05/2023
E.g., 06/05/2023
Extraordinary Meeting of the Transatlantic Council on Migration

MPI convened the first extraordinary meeting of the Transatlantic Council on Migration in Berlin on June 17-18, 2009. The expert dialogue focused on local integration efforts and outcomes in North America and Europe, examining what works (and what does not) with respect to integration. The discussion began with an overview of the social mobility of first- and second-generation immigrants in Europe and North America, offering recommendations on how local and national policies can improve the educational and labor market outcomes of immigrantorigin youth. The roundtable then examined educational policies in greater detail, identifying innovative practices that have created paths for children to succeed in completing school and entering the labor market. Finally, participants from Germany and the United States analyzed examples of local integration initiatives whose successes hold lessons for the future.

Table of Contents 


Panel I: Social Mobility

Panel II: Education, Diversity, and the Second Generation

Panel III: Integration Awards