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Europe and Its Immigrants in the 21st Century: A New Deal or a Continuing Dialogue of the Deaf?
May 2006

Europe and Its Immigrants in the 21st Century: A New Deal or a Continuing Dialogue of the Deaf?

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Migration Policy Institute

European policymakers are attempting to develop immigration policies that meet economic needs and promote greater competitiveness and growth —without undermining the social models so valued by their electorates. To succeed, they must take into account aging populations, high and persistent levels of overall unemployment, even higher levels of unemployment among immigrants and ethnic minorities, and sector- and location-specific labor mismatches and shortfalls.

In this volume, the Migration Policy Institute has gathered some of the leading European thinkers to offer insightful counsel and, wherever possible, solutions to Europe’s immigration challenges. The book’s contributors piece together the puzzle of a well-managed, comprehensive immigration regime, tackling issues ranging from immigration’s economic costs and benefits, to effective selection systems, citizenship, the welfare state, and integration policies that work.

The book is free to download in its entirety.

Table of Contents 


Managing International Migration Better: Principles and Perspectives for Gaining More from Migration
Demetrios G. Papademetrios


The Challenge of Integration in Europe
Sarah Spencer

Integration Processes of Migrants: Research Findings and Policy Lessons
Rinus Penninx

T. Alexander Aleinikoff and Patrick Weil

Building Successful Urban Policy in the New Era of Migration
Jorge Gaspar and Maria Lucinda Fonseca

Practices and Policies for Immigrant Integration in the United States
Maia Jachimowicz and Kevin O'Neil

Economics and Labor Migration

Migrants and the European Labor Market
Rainer Münz and Thomas Straubhaar

Is Immigration an Enemy of the Welfare State?
Grete Brochmann and Jon Erik Dolvik

The New Role of Migrants in the Rural Economies of Southern Europe
Charalambos Kasimis

Future Demographic Change in Europe: The Contribution of Migration
Wolfgang Lutz and Sergei Scherbov

Selecting Economic Migrants
Demetrios G. Papademetriou and Kevin O'Neil