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Talent, Competitiveness, and Migration
October 28, 2009

Migration Policy Institute

Talent, Competitiveness, and Migration

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Talent, Competitiveness, and Migration

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Demetrios G. Papademetriou, MPI President

Michael S. Teitelbaum, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Carl Haub, Senior Demographer and Conrad Taeuber Chair of Public Information, Population Reference Bureau

Joseph J. Minarik, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Committee for Economic Development

As the recession has rippled across the financial, political, and social landscape, it has had a deeper and more global effect on international migration than any other economic downturn since World War II. The crisis is driving some policymakers and analysts in Europe and North America to rethink their assumptions about labor migration. 

Yet while policymakers confront strong short-term popular and political pressure to protect jobs at home, they face less visible mid-term demographic challenges. These two opposing policy pressures require responses that will help ease the current economic crisis while also securing the long-term prosperity of these regions. In its latest volume, Talent, Competitiveness and Migration, the Transatlantic Council on Migration maps how profound demographic change is likely to affect the size and character of global migration flows, and how governments can shape immigration policy in a world increasingly attuned to the hunt for talent. The Transatlantic Council is an initiative of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), supported by its policy partner, the Bertelsmann Foundation, as well as the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and a number of other foundations and governments.

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