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E.g., 10/04/2023
Mexican Migration Flows: From Great Wave to Gentle Stream?
November 6, 2018

Wilson Center, 5th Floor Board Room

Mexican Migration Flows: From Great Wave to Gentle Stream?

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Virginia Guard Public Affairs

Fey Berman, Author, Mexamerica 

Ramiro Cavazos, President and CEO, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Alexandra Délano Alonso, Associate Professor and Chair of Global Studies, The New School 

Julia Gelatt, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute 

H.E. Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States 

Mario Hernández, Director of Public Affairs, Western Union

Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Global Migration and Demography Research, Pew Research Center 

Maggie Loredo, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Otros Dreams en Acción  

Ariel Ruiz Soto, Associate Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute 

Rachel Schmidtke, Program Associate for Migration, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center


There are few relationships as longstanding, rich, and complex as the relationship between Mexico and the United States. Mexicans have always made substantial contributions to the labor force, economy, and culture of the United States. Not only is this population substantial in size, the flow of Mexican migrants coming to the United States is becoming more diverse. From farm workers to engineers, restaurant owners to computer coders, Mexican immigrants reflect more and more the diversity and richness of the Mexican labor force. Yet, the number of Mexican migrants coming to the United States has declined significantly in recent years. 

This event aims to shed light on the diversity of Mexican migrants, as well as discuss opportunities and challenges for them to  engage in U.S. and Mexican policy. This event will focus on the changing face of Mexican migrants, a narrative of Mexican immigrants and their contributions to the United States, and a discussion on the political and economic power of Mexican migrants in the United States and those returned to Mexico.  


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