E.g., 12/08/2023
E.g., 12/08/2023
Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the United States Together
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Wall or no wall, deeply intertwined social, economic, business, cultural, and personal relationships mean the U.S.-Mexico border is more like a seam than a barrier, weaving together two economies and cultures, as MPI President Andrew Selee sketches in his latest book.
Mexico faces huge crime and corruption problems, but its remarkable transformation over the past two decades has made it a more educated, prosperous, and innovative nation than most Americans realize. Through portraits of business leaders, immigrants, chefs, movie directors, police officers, sports executives, and others, Selee looks at this emerging Mexico, showing how it increasingly influences daily life in the United States in surprising ways—the jobs Americans do, the goods they consume, and even the new technology and entertainment they enjoy.
From the Mexican entrepreneur in Missouri who saved the U.S. nail industry, to the city leaders who were visionary enough to build a bridge over the border fence so the people of San Diego and Tijuana could share a single international airport, to the connections between innovators in Mexico’s emerging tech hub in Guadalajara and those in Silicon Valley, Mexicans and Americans together have been creating productive connections that blur the boundaries that once separated them from each other.
Table of Contents 


I. We Built a Bridge Across a Fence

II. North America Has Become a Shared Production Platform

III. Production Has Gone Up, Employment Has Gone Up, Investment Has Gone Up

IV. Creating Innovative Technology That Solves Real Problems

V. We Can't Talk About U.S. Energy Independence, But We Can Talk About Energy Independence in North America

VI. We've Got a Huge Problem Here

VII. Turning the Cosa Nostra into the Sopranos

VIII. If I Were to Go Back, I'd Still Be Homesick

IX. I Now Feel Welcome in This Country

X. A Tsunami of Mexican Talent

XI. We've Gone from Ethnic to Mainstream

XII. Vanishing Frontiers