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E.g., 06/17/2024
Moving Beyond Pandemic — A Podcast

Moving Beyond Pandemic — A Podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic has scrambled just about every aspect of human mobility. It led governments around the world to close their external borders and, in some cases, impose internal border restrictions. It brought international travel to near shutdown in the early months, with a halting recovery since. And it placed much of migration on ice. The repercussions of this dramatic halt to mobility will be profound, and will almost certainly lead to transformations and innovations that will reshape travel and migration for the foreseeable future—maybe even permanently. Moving Beyond Pandemic explores the questions and challenges confronting policymakers, airport and other transportation hub operators, travelers, and others as mobility slowly resumes.

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Meghan Benton is Director of Research for the International Program at MPI as well as for MPI Europe. Her areas of expertise include mobility, labor migration, and the role of technological and social innovation in immigration and integration policy.

Dr. Benton previously was a Senior Researcher at Nesta, the United Kingdom’s innovation body, which she joined after several years as a Policy Analyst at MPI. Previously, she worked for the Constitution Unit at University College London and the Institute for Public Policy Research.

She received her PhD in political science from University College London in 2010, and holds a master’s degree in legal and political theory (with distinction) from University College London and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and literature from Warwick University.