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Migration, Public Opinion and Politics
January 2010

Migration, Public Opinion and Politics

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ISBN 978-3-86793-040-6
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Migration Policy Institute, Bertelsmann Stiftung

Public perceptions and media coverage of immigrants and immigration policy are powerful forces in shaping the immigration debate. Understanding public opinion on immigration, how this impacts the political debate and how it affects reform prospects is critical in designing a strategy to advance thoughtful, rational and effective immigration and integration policy.

This volume explores a critical policy issue that has often been underestimated in the migration policy debate: the media and public opinion. This volume contains expert analysis of how our publics perceive immigration and immigrants—from their effects on the job market, to their impact on culture and society, to their prospects for integration. It assesses the forces that are shaping how our publics perceive immigration and immigrants. The authors also highlight patterns and trends in how political leaders speak about immigration. The volume ranges more broadly as well to examine how public opinion and political debates about issues such as globalization, economic crisis and demographic change affect the immigration debate. The work is deeply informed by the Council’s transatlantic perspective.

The book focuses in particular on three case studies: the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. The volume includes chapters analyzing public opinion and media coverage of immigration issues in each country. Additional chapters propose strategies for unblocking opposition to thoughtful, effective immigration-related reforms.

Table of Contents 

Demetrios G. Papademetriou and Gunter Thielen

Part I: The Transatlantic Council on Migration

Council Statement: Migration, Public Opinion and Politics
Demetrios G. Papademetriou and Annette Heuser

Part II: Public Opinion on Migration

German Public Opinion on Immigration and Integration
Oya S. Abalı

America's Views of Immigration: The Evidence from Public Opinion Surveys
Roberto Suro

The Politics of Immigration and the (Limited) Case for New Optimism: Perspectives from a Political Pollster
Jeremy D. Rosner

Immigrating from Facts to Values: Political Rhetoric in the U.S. Immigration Debate
Drew Westen

Political Rhetoric in the Netherlands: Reframing Crises in the Media
Maarten Hajer and Wytske Versteeg

British Attitudes to Immigration in the 21st Century
Ben Page

A Commentary on Public Attitudes on Immigration: The United Kingdom in an International Context
Ayesha Saran

Part III: Migration Narratives in the Media

The Evolution of German Media Coverage of Migration
Gualtiero Zambonini

Promoting Stalemate: The Media and U.S. Policy on Migration
Roberto Suro

The Media and Migration in the United Kingdom, 1999 to 2009
Terry Threadgold

Part IV: Migration Policy Strategies in Germany, the United States of America and the United Kingdom

The Future of Migration and Integration Policy in Germany
Rita Süssmuth and Cristal Morehouse

Memo to President Obama Regarding Immigration Policy
Frank Sharry

Future Immigration Patterns and Policies in the United Kingdom
Will Somerville

A Commentary on Integration and Belonging in the United Kingdom
Alessandra Buonfino

A Commentary on Global Migration and Modern Regulation
Shamit Saggar

Part V: Discussion Summary

Council Statement: Migration, Public Opinion and Politics
Transatlantic Council on Migration