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E.g., 06/20/2024
Immigration: Data Matters 2008

For an up-to-date version of this guide, see Immigration: Data Matters.

This 2008 pocket guide—a joint creation by the Migration Policy Institute and the Population Reference Bureau—compiled some of the most credible, accessible, and user-friendly government and nongovernmental immigration-related data sources. For an updated version, click here.

The data sources are organized into two categories—those which deal with U.S. immigration and those dealing with international migration. While the guide is not intended to be comprehensive of all relevant websites, its collection of resources spans across a wide range of topics, including: immigrant population estimates, migration figures and trends, refugees and asylees, naturalization, education and language attainment, labor force performance and unemployment, income and poverty rates, remittance size and flow, physical health and health care coverage status, and immigration law enforcement actions.

The guide, available in both in print and hard copy, provides an internet link for each resource as well as a brief outline of its content and features. Additional links to relevant organizations, programs, research, and deliverables are also included, along with a glossary of frequently used immigration terms.

Table of Contents 

I. Introduction

II. Data Resources on Immigrants in the United States

III. Key Resources on U.S. Immigration-Related Data

IV. Top International Migration Data

V. Useful Resources from MPI, PRB, and Other Organizations