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How Can Talent Abroad Induce Development at Home? Towards a Pragmatic Diaspora Agenda
July 2013

How Can Talent Abroad Induce Development at Home? Towards a Pragmatic Diaspora Agenda

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Migration Policy Institute

This edited volume develops a pragmatic or instrumental approach to the engagement of highly skilled members of the diaspora for the benefit of their countries of origin. The book is based on empirical work in middle-income economies such as Argentina, Mexico, and Russia, as well as high-income countries such as South Korea, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. 

Edited by a World Bank senior economist, the book features leading scholars such as Jennifer Brinkerhoff of George Washington University; Natasha Iskander of New York University; and Devesh Kapur of the University of Pennsylvania.

The book includes sections on talent abroad and institutional dynamics at home, the role of diasporas in the global search for local solutions, expatriate talent and transformation of innovation systems at home, and implications for institutional development and design of diaspora initiatives.

Table of Contents 

Part One: Talent Abroad and Institutional Dynamics at Home: Conceptual Issues

Introduction and Overview
Yegveny Kuznetsov

Passions Fueling Interests: Unraveling Motivation of First Movers from Diasporas
Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

Part Two: Global Search for Local Solutions: Role of Diasporas

International Migration and Reforms in India: From Political and Bureaucratic Leadership to Social Entrepreneurs
Devesh Kapur and Neha Gupta

Diaspora High Achievers Supporting Institutional Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Tanja Faller

Moving Skill: The Incorporation of Mexican Immigrants in the U.S. and Mexican Construction Industries
Natasha Iskander and Nichola Lowe

Talent Abroad Promoting Growth and Institutional Development at Home: Skilled Diaspora as Part of the Country
Yevgeny Kuznetsov

Part Three: Expatriate Talent and Transformation of Innovation Systems at Home

How Argentina and Mexico Are Leveraging Their Talent Abroad: A Comparative Study of Their Technological Diasporas
Ezequiel Tacsir, Gabriel Yoguel, Yevgeny Kuznetsov, and Adolfo Nemirosvsky

Linking Talent Abroad with a Drive for Innovation at Home: A Study of the Russian Technological Diaspora
Lev Freinkman, Ksenia Gonchar, and Yevgeny Kuznetsov

Do We Need a Double-Edged Sword? Triggering the Contributions of Silicon Valley’s Korean Diaspora to Domestic Institutional Transformation
Jeong-Hyop Lee and AnnaLee Saxenian

Part Four: Implications for Institutional Development and Design of Diaspora Initiatives

Diasporas as Partners for Development: Indirect (Pragmatic) vs. Direct (Administrative) Approaches to Diaspora Engagement
Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Lev Freinkman

Diaspora for Development: In Search of a New Generation of Diaspora Strategies
Mark Boyle and Rob Kitchin