E.g., 12/03/2023
E.g., 12/03/2023
MPI-EUI Demographic Research

MPI-EUI Demographic Research

Aging and below-replacement fertility will challenge EU Member States and the United States in the next two decades, albeit in different ways and to differing degrees. Western economies’ ability to maximize the contribution of their own workforces and recruit the needed workforce all along the skill spectrum, therefore, could become increasingly important.


Migration Policy Institute Research

Mexican and Central American Immigrants in the United States

The Mexican and Central American immigrant population in the United States has increased by a factor of 20 since 1970—a period during which the overall U.S. immigrant population increased four-fold. This report examines the age, educational, and workforce characteristics of immigrants and the second generation from Mexico and Central America, finding that these immigrants are younger, more likely to be male, and more likely to be married with children than the U.S. born or other immigrant groups. A high proportion are unauthorized, with key implications for their economic and social status and the overall immigration debate.

New Streams: Black African Migration to the United States

The United States has a long history of Black immigration driven by the slave trade of past centuries, but free Black immigration from Africa is a relatively recent phenomenon. Black Africans are among the fastest-growing groups of U.S. immigrants, with about 1.1 million now living in the United States. Black Africans, who are much more likely than other groups to be admitted as refugees or through the diversity visa program, generally fare well on integration indicators. Overall, they are well educated, with college completion rates that greatly exceed those for most other immigrant groups and U.S. natives.


EUI Research

International Migration and Europe’s Demographic Challenge

The Irregular Migration Corridor between the EU and Turkey 

The Ukrainian Migratory Corridor

Migration Industries: A Comparison of the Ecuador-U.S. and Ecuador-Spain Cases

Migration in the European Union: The narrow street of convergence