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E.g., 10/03/2023
The Canadian Expression of Interest System: A Model to Manage Skilled Migration to the European Union?
June 21, 2016

Mission of Canada to the European Union, Avenue de Tervuren 2, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

The Canadian Expression of Interest System: A Model to Manage Skilled Migration to the European Union?

Government of Alberta

Laura Corrado, Head of Unit, Legal Migration and Integration, Directorate-General, Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission

Maria Vincenza Desiderio, Policy Analyst, MPI Europe

Cindy Munro, Counsellor for Immigration, Mission of Canada to the European Union

In the context of the ongoing discussions on the reform of the EU labor migration package and the proposals from the European Commission on the Blue Card and the Integration Action Plan, which were released on June 7, this event considers options for a coherent EU-wide policy that would improve Member States’ capacity to select and attract international talent and put their skills to the best use.

Strategies to align skilled migration policies with labor market needs are urgently needed as certain Member States face the prospect of increased skill shortages in a growing number of sectors. Can a mechanism be developed at the EU level that effectively selects and attracts highly skilled workers and facilitates the matching with employers who need them, wherever in the European Union they may be?

In 2015 Canada adopted an expression of interest system, known as Express Entry, designed to fast-track for settlement skilled immigrants considered most likely to achieve economic success, and better align policy with both immediate and longer-term economic and demographic needs. Speakers, including the author of an MPI report on the topic, discuss the Canadian Express Entry system—the rationale for its introduction, its building blocks, and initial outcomes—and what elements of the system may offer inspiration for improving the management of skilled migration in Europe.


This event is at the Mission of Canada to the European Union.  Registration is required. A photo ID is required for entrance, and there will be a security check.

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