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Roger Zetter
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Roger Zetter

Roger Zetter is Emeritus Professor of Refugee Studies at Oxford University, where he served as the fourth Director of the Refugee Studies Centre and the founding Editor of the Journal of Refugee Studies, published by Oxford University Press. 

After earning degrees from Cambridge and Nottingham universities, he completed his DPhil at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.

In an academic career spanning more than 35 years, and with regional expertise in sub-Saharan Africa, the European Union, and the Middle East, Professor Zetter’s teaching, research, publications, and consultancy have included all stages of the “refugee cycle,” focusing on institutional and policy dimensions of the humanitarian regime and the impacts on forced migrants.

Professor Zetter’s recent research themes include protracted refugee situations, environmental change and population displacement, development-led responses to the economic costs and impacts of forced migration, and protection and forced migration.

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March 2015
More than 51 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced today as refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced persons. This report details the increasing mismatch between the legal and normative frameworks that define the existing protection regime and the contemporary patterns of forced displacement.