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Paul Clewett

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Paul Clewett

Paul Clewett was a Junior Research Fellow at MPI Europe, where he supported research and event activities.

Previously, he worked at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore under the UK Department for International Development–funded Migrating out of Poverty program, where he contributed to research projects focused on the livelihoods of transient workers in Singapore. In addition, he has experience at the European Parliament in Luxembourg and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Swift Centre youth charity in East London and has managed several projects under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program (formerly known as Youth in Action). 

Mr. Clewett completed an MSc in global migration from University College London. His thesis focused on religion, diaspora, and development through the lens of superdiversity in London. He also holds a bachelor’s in international relations and languages from the University of Sussex. 

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March 2016
By Elizabeth Collett, Paul Clewett, and Susan Fratzke
Even as Nepal will lean more heavily on its international diaspora to help recover from devastating earthquakes that killed thousands and decimated parts of the country, the disasters have had effects on internal migration. Class and gender dynamics have long driven significant internal flows. This feature article explores migration trends in Nepal, including movement between ecological zones, growing urbanization, and the feminization of an increasingly mobile workforce.
April 2016
By Hanne Beirens and Paul Clewett

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