E.g., 12/07/2023
E.g., 12/07/2023
Migration, Integration, and Development in Secondary Cities
November 16, 2023

MPI Webinar

Migration, Integration, and Development in Secondary Cities

Market on a dirt road in an African community
Peace Corps

Renate Bucher, Program Manager, Migration and Forced Displacement, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Samuel Mabala, Senior Urban Advisor for Uganda, Cities Alliance

Barnabas Samuel, Development Programs Manager, Community Development Center - Uganda


Samuel Davidoff-Gore, Associate Policy Analyst, MPI

Secondary cities are increasingly gaining attention as homes to refugees and other migrants and, as result, they are targets of development programming and international support. In Africa, these secondary cities are seeing their overall populations swell even as migrant numbers also increase, placing pressure on services such as education, health care, and sanitation. At the same time, refugees and other migrants often find it difficult to access jobs and build livelihoods, preventing them from achieving self-reliance.

In order to surmount these challenges and achieve long-term socioeconomic inclusion, public policy changes and support are needed, along with partnerships that could facilitate the path to inclusion. Marking the release of the report, Migration and Displacement in Secondary Cities: Insights from Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda, this webinar will examine the challenges that refugees and other migrants face in—and place on—secondary cities, and the capacity of these municipalities to respond to these needs. Speakers will explore possible strategies that local governments and partners can take to address socioeconomic and inclusion challenges while being sensitive to gender dynamics. The webinar will ask what types of support are needed at national, regional, and international levels, and how development actors can better partner with secondary cities and local communities in their programming.

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