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Focusing on Protection: Previewing Upcoming High-Level Fora on Migration
January 27, 2016

MPI Webinar

Focusing on Protection: Previewing Upcoming High-Level Fora on Migration

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Peter Sutherland, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for International Migration

T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Senior Fellow, MPI, and former Deputy UN High Commissioner for Refugees


Kathleen Newland, Senior Fellow and Co-Founder, MPI

With global displacement at record levels, it is clear that humanitarian protection will continue to be a key focus for policymakers and the international community throughout 2016. This year's calendar is dotted with a series of high-profile international events related to migration and refugee protection—including conferences in London (February 4) and Geneva (March 30) addressing the fallout of the Syrian civil war, and a pair of summits on refugees and migrants hosted by the United Nations and the United States in September. These high-level meetings could prove crucial in paving the way for meaningful solutions for the world’s forcibly displaced populations.

MPI's experts along with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on International Migration, Peter Sutherland, focus on what can be expected to be discussed at this year’s high-level migration summits, and what tangible results might occur.

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