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Jennifer Van Hook

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Jennifer Van Hook

Nonresident Fellow
Professor of Sociology and Demography, Population Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

Jennifer Van Hook is Professor of Sociology and Demography and Research Associate of the Population Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University. She conducts demographic research on the settlement and incorporation patterns of U.S. immigrants, with one strand of her work focusing on illegal immigration. Her work also focuses on the social, economic, and health assimilation of immigrants and their descendants.

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Dr. Van Hook received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, and has held positions at the Urban Institute and Bowling Green State University before joining the faculty at Penn State. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Population Association of America and the Census Scientific Advisory Committee.


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July 2013
By Jennifer Van Hook, Nancy Landale, and Marianne Hillemeier
Policy Briefs
May 2013
By Randy Capps, Michael Fix, Jennifer Van Hook, and James D. Bachmeier
Policy Briefs
September 2010
By Michael Fix and Jennifer Van Hook
Obesity rates among children have risen dramatically in the United States. As analysis of a nationally representative study shows, children of newly arrived immigrants are particularly vulnerable to this growing health problem. Jennifer Van Hook, Kelly S. Balistreri, and Elizabeth Baker report.
An estimated 10.3 million unauthorized migrants were living in the U.S. in 2004. Jennifer Van Hook, Frank Bean, and Jeff Passell report on who they are, where they live, the work they do, and their levels of education and poverty.
Jennifer Van Hook of Bowling Green State University examines the increase in poverty among the children of immigrants in the United States.
September 2018
By Julia Gelatt, Michael Fix, and Jennifer Van Hook

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