E.g., 06/27/2024
E.g., 06/27/2024
U.S. Immigration Trends

U.S. Immigration Trends

From its inception, the United States has been a country of immigrants. These interactive charts, which offer data at national, state, and sometimes county levels, help track changing immigration patterns and characteristics of the immigrant population through time. By placing immigration to the United States in its broader historic context, the characteristics of today's migration flows and the immigrant communities they establish can be better understood.

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Immigration Over Time

Green Cards: How Many Are Issued Annually & to Whom?

New Citizens: How Many People Become Americans Yearly & from Which Countries?

By the Numbers: Current and Historical Stats about Immigrants at U.S. & State Levels

Current and Historical Composition of the U.S. Population by Age, Sex, and Nativity

Immigrants' Countries and Regions of Birth

 - By State and Top Counties

 - By Metropolitan Area

Refugees: What Is the Yearly Ceiling & How Many Are Actually Admitted?

Unauthorized Immigrants

Unauthorized Immigrants: Where They Live at U.S., State & County Levels; & Their Countries of Origin

Deferred Action: Who Has DACA & Where Do They Live?

Diaspora Groups


Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Force

Educational Attainment

English Proficiency and Linguistic Diversity