E.g., 03/21/2018
E.g., 03/21/2018

Remittance Profiles: Top Receiving Countries

Remittance Profiles: Top Receiving Countries

The documents linked below provide detailed remittance trends for select countries.


  • Time series of formal remittance flows
  • Remittances compared to gross domestic product (GDP) and critical financial flows including foreign direct investment, commercial service exports, merchandise exports, agricultural exports, and official development assistance
  • Relevant international migration and socioeconomic development data
  • Estimates of informal remittance flows
  • Relevant sources for national economic and demographic data

Global Overview and Top 10 Countries by Remittances Received

Global Overview and Top 10 Countries by Remittance Share of GDP

While recognizing the wealth of data and research that already exists on remittances, our Global Remittances Guide serves as a central hub for the dissemination of data on remittances as they are linked to international migration and development. To provide a portrait of global remittance flows, the guide leverages remittance data compiled by the World Bank’s Development Prospects Group on more than 150 countries.

A full Remittances Glossary is available along with Further Readings on Migration and Development topics.

This data tool is a project of MPI's Migrants, Migration, and Development program with generous support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the technical assistance of Dilip Ratha and Sanket Mohapatra from the Development Prospects Group, The World Bank, and research assistance of Roberto Munster.

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