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Yaşar Aydın

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Yaşar Aydın

Yaşar Aydın is a lecturer at HafenCity University Hamburg and the Evangelical University for Social Work and Welfare (Evangelische Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit & Diakonie) in Hamburg, with a background in sociology and economics. His research interests include Turkish migration and integration, international relations, and the sociopolitical and economic effects of migration in Turkish-German context, nationalism, and racism. He is currently investigating political developments in Turkey and Turkey’s new foreign policy.

He previously worked as a researcher at the Hamburg Institute for International Economics.

Dr. Aydin is a member of the Turkey Europe Centre Hamburg (TürkeiEuropa Zentrum) and the Association for the History of the World System (Verein für Geschichte des Weltsystems e. V.).

The author of numerous articles in scientific journals on migration politics, the problems of strangerhood and exclusion, and theories of modernity, Dr. Aydin also is the author of an edited volume and two books: Topoi des Fremden: Zur Kritik und Analyse einer sozialen Konstruktion (2009), Pop Kultur Diskurs: Zum Verhältnis von Gesellschaft, Kulturindustrie und Wissenschaft (2010), and Transnational statt nicht integriert (2013).

Dr. Aydin received a bachelor’s degree in social economy from the University of Hamburg, a master’s in sociology from the University of Lancaster, and a doctorate from the University of Hamburg.

Recent Activity

February 2016

This Transatlantic Council on Migration report describes how the migration of nationals between Germany and Turkey has developed over recent decades; examines the economic, social, and political factors behind this development; and discusses the policy implications and lessons that can be drawn.