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Michaela Benson

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Michaela Benson

Michaela Benson is a Reader in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is the research lead for the project "BrExpats: Freedom of Movement, Citizenship, and Brexit in the Lives of Britons Resident in the EU-27," which is funded by the UK in a Changing Europe initiative. She is well known for her research about lifestyle migration and UK citizens living in rural France, conducting research, writing, and speaking on these topics.

Dr. Benson’s work has been published in her book The British in Rural France (Manchester University Press, 2011), which was shortlisted for the British Sociological Association’s Philip Abrams Memorial Prize in 2012. She is the editor of several edited volumes and the author of numerous academic journal articles.

Dr. Benson received a PhD in sociology and social anthropology from the University of Hull. Her thesis was the first ethnographic study of UK citizens living in rural France, and focused on migration, identity, and belonging.

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April 2018
By Meghan Benton, Aliyyah Ahad, Michaela Benson, Katherine Collins, Helen McCarthy, and Karen O’Reilly

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