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Lauren Shaw

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Lauren Shaw

Editor and Publications Manager

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Lauren Shaw is Editor and Publications Manager at the Migration Policy Institute, and is responsible for editing most MPI research publications.

Prior to joining MPI, Ms. Shaw worked at the Brookings Institution and the German Historical Institute. In the latter position, she was part of the research group “Transatlantic Perspectives: Europe in the Eyes of European Immigrants to the United States.” She has also taught English as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Austria and as a volunteer English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor for adult learners in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  

Ms. Shaw completed a master’s degree in global migration at University College London, where her research focused on multilingualism and second language learning among child and youth migrants. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in German studies and international relations from the College of William and Mary.

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Migrants returning to Ethiopia

Questions of how, when, and under what conditions migrants and asylum seekers can be returned to their origin countries have featured prominently in international discussions of migration in 2018. Crucially, so too has an increased interest on the part of both destination and origin countries in making reintegration assistance more effective to help ensure that return is sustainable.

Theresa May speaks to reporters

With the United Kingdom’s scheduled March 2019 departure from the European Union around the corner and approval of an exit deal by the UK Parliament in deep disarray, the future for approximately 5 million EU nationals living in the United Kingdom and Britons resident in the EU-27 remained unresolved. This article examines the citizens' rights issues that have arisen and what Brexit, hard or otherwise, might bring.

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