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Karen O’Reilly

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Karen O’Reilly

Karen O’Reilly is Professor Emeritus at Loughborough University and Professorial Research Fellow on the "BrExpats: Freedom of Movement, Citizenship, and Brexit in the Lives of Britons Resident in the EU-27" research project. Through her research on British migrants living in Spain in the 1990s, she set the agenda for the sociological study of British migration.

Her research has been published as The British on the Costa del Sol (Routledge, 2000) and in numerous academic journal articles. Professor O’Reilly has more recently complemented this with research on Britons living and working in Malaysia and Thailand. Her book International Migration and Social Theory (Palgrave, 2012) won the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title award.

Professor O’Reilly holds a PhD in sociology and anthropology awarded by the University of Essex for her ethnographic research with British populations settled in the south of Spain, and questions of ethnic community-making and belonging.

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April 2018
By Meghan Benton, Aliyyah Ahad, Michaela Benson, Katherine Collins, Helen McCarthy, and Karen O’Reilly

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