Asylum Applications in the EU/EFTA by Country, 2008-2016 (Q1)


Asylum Applications in the EU/EFTA by Country, 2008-2016 (Q1)

Use this interactive map to view total annual asylum applications in individual European Union Member States and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) and by country of origin, by year from 2008 through the first quarter of 2016. Darker colors indicate a higher concentration of asylum seekers for the country and year shown. The data tool also shows individual countries' share of asylum applications per capita and as a share of the EU/EFTA total.


** FYROM = Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
*** Kosovo = Its declaration of independence from Serbia has not been universally recognized

* Countries are included in the dataset beginning with their year of EU or EFTA entry. Due to differences in data availability prior to 2008, countries of origin are only provided from 2008-2016. Figures are rounded to the nearest 5. As a result, the calculated total for the EU/EFTA is slightly lower than that reported on Eurostat (e.g. 1,393,285 versus 1,393,305 for 2015). The United Kingdom did not report data to Eurostat for 2008.

Figures shown here reflect the number of asylum applications filed in each Member State and should not be taken as equivalent to the number of individual asylum seekers present in the country. Because of the lack of internal border controls between most Member States through late 2015 (several Member States reinstated border controls later), it is possible for an individual to move within the European Union and submit claims in multiple Member States.


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