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Maria Vincenza Desiderio

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Maria Vincenza Desiderio

Senior Policy Analyst, MPI Europe

Maria Vincenza Desiderio is a Senior Policy Analyst at MPI Europe. Her work focuses on economic migration, immigrant integration, foreign credentials recognition, and the linkages between migration and development. She is also a Nonresident Fellow with the Migration Policy Institute.

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Prior to joining MPI Europe, Ms. Desiderio served for four years as a Policy Analyst in the International Migration Division of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), where she contributed to the OECD flagship publication International Migration Outlook (the 2009-12 editions). She also worked as a Research Officer at the International Organization for Migration (2012-13), where she coordinated the research activities of the Independent Network of Labour Migration and Labour Market Integration Experts (LINET), aimed at supporting the European Commission’s decisionmaking in the field of migration.

Ms. Desiderio has carried out research and published on a broad range of migration issues including: labor migration; migrant entrepreneurship; the effects of the establishment of free labor mobility areas on international migration, with particular focus on the labor market consequences of the enlargements of the EU free mobility area; the relative role of migration for addressing labor and skills shortages in the European Union; and practices of access to labor market information in migrant employment and of recognition of foreign qualifications in EU and OECD countries.      

Ms. Desiderio holds a master’s degree with honors in international relations, with specialization in European economic policy and the role of migration, and a bachelor’s degree in political sciences, both from the University of Rome, La Sapienza. She also earned a certificate in asylum law and international law.