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Maurice Crul

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Maurice Crul

Dr. Maurice Crul is the general coordinator of the international project: 'The Integration of the European Second Generation' (TIES). Next to this he is the principle investigator of Children of Immigrants in School (CIS) project which looks at second generation Dominicans in New York and second generation Moroccans in Amsterdam. Dr. Crul has published extensively on the educational careers of children of immigrants both nationally and internationally. 

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June 2009
By Maurice Crul and Jens Schneider
Policy Briefs
September 2007
By Maurice Crul

There is an ongoing debate over the children born to Europe's guest workers of the 1960s and 1970s: Can they move up the educational ladder, or will they form a new underclass in Europe's largest cities? Maurice Crul of the University of Amsterdam compares outcomes for second-generation Turkish children across five countries.