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Kimberly A. Hamilton

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Kimberly A. Hamilton

Kimberly Hamilton was formerly Director of Program Planning and External Relations at the Migration Policy Institute.  Ms. Hamilton currently oversees strategy, planning and management for the Global Policy and Advocacy team, which includes Policy Analysis & Financing, Program Advocacy, and the foundation’s related work in India, China, Europe and Africa. She also directs the foundation’s Charitable Sector Support program.

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November 2004
By Suzette Brooks Masters, Kimberly A. Hamilton, and Jill H. Wilson
MPI's Kimberly Hamilton and Jennifer Yau analyze the major challenges and policy responses surrounding the migration of health care workers from developing countries.
Our updated country profile on France by MPI’s Kim Hamilton and INED’s Patrick Simon now includes information on the headscarf debate and new asylum data.
In May, following a UN withdrawal, East Timor's government will have more responsibility for dealing with thorny migration issues.
Kim Hamilton, Managing Editor of The Source, outlines a research agenda for migration and development.
Italy has struggled to find the right tone and approach toward immigration. In this newly updated profile, Managing Editor Kim Hamilton tackles the dilemmas facing Italian policymakers today.