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Erin Patrick

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Erin Patrick

Erin Patrick was previously an Associate Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Institute. Ms. Patrick is now a Senior Program Officer with the Women’s Refugee Commission. Ms. Patrick works with WRC’s Fuel and Firewood Initiative, which mobilizes attention and action to increase women’s and girls’ safe access to cooking fuels.

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October 2003
By Joanne van Selm, Erin Patrick, Tamara Woroby, and Monica Matts
Policy Briefs
April 2003
By Monette Zard and Erin Patrick
June 2002
By Kathleen Newland, Joanne van Selm, Erin Patrick, and Monette Zard
The ongoing conflict between the government and a rebel army has displaced the majority of Northern Ugandans. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable, as MPI's Erin Patrick reports.
MPI Associate Policy Analyst Erin Patrick maps out the latest developments in the evolving refugee crisis in and around Sudan's Darfur region.
MPI Associate Policy Analyst Erin Patrick provides the latest figures on the U.S. refugee resettlement program, which is still operating well below traditional levels long after being thrown into crisis by the Sept. 11 attacks.
MPI Associate Policy Analyst Erin Patrick presents an in-depth look at some of the controversies associated with gender-related asylum.
The obstacles to humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan could foreshadow those in post-war Iraq. MPI Associate Policy Analyst Erin Patrick maps out some of the possible lessons for policymakers and aid workers.